Raimundo Santander

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Raimundo Santander


Raimundo Santander has a prolific solo carear, consisting of several projects, including trios, quintets, solo performances, colaborations, amonsgt other. He’s a regular at the most important jazz clubs of Chile’s capital, Santiago.

La Orquesta del Viento


La Orquesta del Vienta (“The Wind’s Orquestra”) is Raimundo’s most important project. Consisting of 7 musicians and the popular visual artist Sol Diaz, they perform an amazing, vibrant show, combining chilean folkore sounds with the spirit of jazz, accompanied of a breathtaking live improvised illustration, directly inspired by the music. A must! www.laorquestadelviento.com



With Raimundo Santander on guitar and Rodrigo Recabarren on drums, Peregrinos has a distinct and unique sound with a blending of Chilean folk, jazz and fusion. Their debut album was recorded in November 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. www.peregrinos.co